Graduates, Welcome to the Alumni Network, from Duke First*

Congratulations -- you did it! On behalf of Duke First, a community of first-generation and low-income students-turned alums, we are celebrating this moment with you. After getting into Duke, choosing to make it your home, and navigating through your program here, you’re now becoming an alum. This is a huge feat, and we know that as someone who identifies as FGLI, you may have also faced other challenges – work, financial demands, the stress of finding a good internship/job, or feeling like an outsider on campus and back at home.

We want to help, so we created Duke First to support current students and other alumni. We are here to answer questions or give advice about things like jobs, career paths, where we live, another degree (or not), etc. Since we launched in September 2020, we’ve provided mentoring & networking opportunities, programming, career support, and more.

Duke First Response - help when transitioning from student to alum

We created Duke First Response - an initiative to help those who are transitioning from student to alum - and find themselves without the support and services that the university offers. A Duke First Response Team is willing to help with things like advice, resume reviews, connections, etc. To make a request, click on the link above right under GROUP LINKS.

Now that you have earned your degree, take a few moments to just be PROUD of everything that you have accomplished. It may take a while to sink in, but it is nothing short of extraordinary. You are a strong, resilient trailblazer whose hard work inspires those around you. We understand what it takes and want you to know that you are supported as an alum, too.

Join Duke First above under MY ACTIONS to connect with other FGLI alums and serve as a resource to current students. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Forever Duke (First),

Sloan Talbot '19, Jen Yam '14, and Jack Boyd '85

Duke First – 2024 Alumni Communications & Engagement Committee Co-Chairs




  • Duke First is a group of alumni volunteers who provide advice, connections, resume reviews, mock interviews, and more.  Duke First Response is a program developed and implemented by volunteers and is not an official Duke University program.