Holiday Gifting Ideas for Good

Holiday Gifting Ideas for Good 

For this holiday season, there are opportunities to give back and support various causes and communities. As an additional option to going directly to Amazon this year, we offer these alternate online shopping sites:

  • Gifts for GoodEmpowering the world to help people and the planet through gift giving. Every gift purchased gives back. 
  • The Greater Good: Helping people, the planet, and animals, this site features a free ‘Click to Give’ homepage and a huge variety of unique gift items from around the world.
  • Uncommon Goods: Online marketplace offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise from “makers and creators.” With every purchase made, $1 is donated to a Better to Give partner of choice. 
  • Ten Thousand VillagesHandmade gifts, jewelry, home decor, art, textiles, accessories, etc. from artisans around the world. Supports fair trade and ethically sourced items
  • Etsy: Handmade, creative, unique gifts, jewelry, home decor, art, housewares, accessories, apparel, etc.

Want to be sustainable with your holiday gifting? 

●Purchase something that you’re interested in putting your money behind (e.g., Organic, FairTrade, Living Wage, Plastic Free, Sustainable).

●Buy from a local business to reduce emissions associated with shipping and packaging.

●Make homemade gifts (e.g., a dessert, craft, natural beauty product).

●Search for a reused and secondhand item for a gift; this helps reduce waste and consumption.

●Buy fewer “things”—opt for experience gifts (e.g., adventurous activity discount, meals).