"Night with Industry" Events with Duke Engineering Master's Students

The Engineering Master’s Program Career Services and Professional Development team is seeking several members from the Triangle Area Pratt Alumni (TAPA) to join one of four "Night with Industry" events scheduled in October 2019 and February 2020. These events bring together Engineering Master's students with industry professionals to aid students in building their professional knowledge related to fields, organizations, and roles. They provide an opportunity to inform the professional curiosity and future decisions of first and second semester students as they engage with attendees.
The event has three components that allow students to interact with professionals in a variety of ways. The first is a panel where students ask questions in a more formal setting. This transitions to a dinner in which panelists "host" tables and students choose who to sit with based on interests and information heard in the panel discussions. The final component is a standing dessert reception to encourage another round of connections.
Event Dates:

1. October 17, 2019: Night with Industry: Careers in Engineering (focused on roles in applied engineering)

2. October 23, 2019: Night with Industry: Business (focused on roles in product management, supply chain, business data analytics and consulting)

3. February 2020: Night with Industry: University Opportunities (focused on roles in research, academia, etc.)

4. February 2020: Night with Industry: Computing (focused on roles in software, machine learning, and data analytics)

*all events are held in the School of Engineering
Event Goals:

1. Students build professional knowledge related to fields, organizations, and roles to inform their professional curiosity and future decision

2. Students practice professional skills like relationship building and communication (asking good questions, professional introductions

3. Students build/add to their professional community with peers and panelists who have common interests in fields, organizations, and roles 

If you are interested in participating in one of these events, please complete this survey by Friday, September 20. The Engineering Master's Career Services & Professional Development team will use the information to create panels for the events. If your expertise, years of work experience, etc. do not address a gap within a panel, we hope to engage you for other workshops and events we have during the year. 

Thank you for considering this special opportunity to engage with Duke Engineering Master's students.