Honoring service to Duke and beyond

Each year, DAA honors a handful of individuals who embody the spirit of Forever Duke and advance the Duke ideal of knowledge in service to society. These awards give us the opportunity to showcase a few of the extraordinary members of the Duke family and say thanks for their effort and dedication to Duke. All DAA awards are presented during Homecoming weekend each year, except for the Distinguished Alumni Award and the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award, which are presented at the annual Founders’ Day convocation. 

Distinguished Alumni Award

The highest honor given exclusively to alumni, the Distinguished Alumni Award is given to alumni who have made outstanding contributions through their field of work, in service to Duke and toward the betterment of humanity.

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Charles Randolph-Wright2019 Recipient:

Blake Wilson B.S.E.’74, Ph.D.’15

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Charles A. Dukes Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

This award recognizes alumni volunteers who serve in Duke leadership roles and have devoted themselves to extraordinary, long-term efforts that help Duke further its mission.

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2019 Recipients:

William Andrews A.B.’76, M.D.’80, H.S.’82-’86, P’06
Stacy Stansell Gardner B.S.E.’91
Kris Klein B.S.’82, P’19
Joe Swedish M.H.A.’79, P’19
Katherine Upchurch M.D.’76, P’10
Nicholas Stevens A.B.’86

Ross and Yum ArnoldMelissa BernsteinDan Dickinson




David FeldmanVirginia Lang

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Beyond Duke Service and Leadership Award

This award was inaugurated in 2014 to recognize alumni who have distinguished themselves through service to their community, their country or to society at large. Awards are given in three categories: Young Alumni, Local Community and Global Community.

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2019 Recipients:

Stephen Cochi M.D.'77, H.S.'77
Ellie Cohen A.B.'78
Maab Ibrahim A.B.'12
Suhani Jalota B.S.’16
Krithi Karanth Ph.D.'08
Todd Sears A.B.'98

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Forever Duke Award for the first time in 2009, this award recognizes alumni for excellent recent volunteer service to Duke, the DAA and other alumni groups.

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2019 Recipients:

Margaret Abernathy B.S.E.’08
Anne Arwood A.B.’05
Hans Brasseler LL.M.’92
Yujin Chun A.B.’11
Nick DiLuzio M.F.’10
Tayo Famakinwa A.B.’05
Sam Ghazaleh B.S.E.’86, P’20
Arielle Grill A.B.’93, P’21
Harry Jones B.S.’08, A.M.’10
Nyssa Kourakos A.B.’90
Lisa Lawson A.B.’89
Chin Jie Lim B.S.E.’18
Melanie McMinn B.S.’02
Oren Mushin M.D.’11
Joshua Nelson A.B.’05
Stevan Pardo A.B.’81, J.D.’84, P’17, P’20
Tonia Sackett A.B.’06
Tadena Simpson A.B.’05
Mathavi Strasburger B.S.E.’10
Benjamin van der Horst M.B.A.’13
Kyle White A.B. ’07, B.S’07
Julia Whitehurst Roy A.B.’85, P’15, P’21
Camille Wingo M.B.A.’15
Alexandra Young B.S.’14

Group Awardees

Group 1: Class of 2003 15th Reunion Chairs
Logan Allin A.B.’03
Banu Asik Elizondo B.S.’03
Virginia Badanes A.B.’03
Hilary Bayer A.B.’03
Luke Bayer A.B.’03
Joshua Bissu A.B.’03
Erika Boden A.B.’03
William Brown A.B.’03
Max Cohen B.S.E.’03
Andrea Douglas A.B.’03
Christopher Douglas A.B.’03
William Fagan A.B.’03
Emily Glassman A.B.’03
Brian Goldfarb A.B.’03
Kristina Hunt A.B.’03
Paul Lagunes A.B.’03
Thomas Larkin A.B.’03
Suzanne Lieb A.B.’03
Spencer Reich A.B.’03
Russell Richards A.B.’03
Sara Richards A.B.’03
Lily-Hayes Salzberg A.B.’03
Erik Simpson A.B.’03
Andrew Skelton A.B.’03
Kimberly Skelton A.B.’03
Elena Steiger Reich A.B.’03
Nick Superina A.B.’03
Michael Vrana B.S.’03
Michael Weiner B.S.’03
Daniel Wrublin A.B.’03

Group 2:
James Fleming A.B.’09
Vijay Shah M.B.A.’85, P’05, P’12

Group 3:
Dennis Gilmore Ph.D.’78, P’14
Jane Gilmore Ph.D.’80, P’14

Forever Duke


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Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award

Sponsored by the DAA for more than three decades, this student-selected award honors a Duke professor who has excelled as a teacher, advisor and leader of undergraduate students.

Bruce Jentleson2019-20 recipient: Bruce W. Jentleson, William Preston Few Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Political Science

Bruce W. Jentleson is William Preston Few Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Political Science at Duke University. He joined the Duke faculty in 2000, and served as Director of the Terry Sanford Institute (now Sanford School) of Public Policy, 2000-2005. He teaches the Public Policy core course on Political Analysis as well as numerous courses on American foreign policy and international relations.

In 2015-16 he was the Henry A. Kissinger Chair in Foreign Policy and International Relations at Library of Congress. He received the 2018 American Political Science Association (APSA) International Security Section Joseph J. Kruzel Award for Distinguished Public Service. In 2020 he was the Desmond Ball Visiting Chair at Australia National University. He also is a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Jentleson’s most recent book is The Peacemakers: Leadership Lessons from 20th Century Statesmanship (W.W. Norton, 2018). Among his other publications are five editions of American Foreign Policy: The Dynamics of Choice in the 21st Century, a foreign policy textbook adopted in many American and international universities.

From 2009-11 he was Senior Advisor to the U.S. State Department Policy Planning Director. He also served as a senior foreign policy advisor to Vice President Al Gore in his 2000 presidential campaign, in the Clinton administration State Department (1993-94), and as a foreign policy aide to Senators Gore (1987-88) and Dave Durenberger (1978-79).

He holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University, and was recipient of the APSA’s Harold D. Lasswell Award for his doctoral dissertation.

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Forever Duke Student Leadership Award

The Forever Duke Student Leadership award is a new award recognizing students who embody the “Forever Duke” spirit in their service to the university.

2020 Forever Duke Student Leadership Award Winners:

Morgan Bird, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Francisco Crespo, Fuqua School of Business
Daniel Gardner, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Rose Graves, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Avani Gupta, The Graduate School
Rashmi Joglekar, The Graduate School
Sam Lester, Pratt School of Engineering
Tinashe Nyanhete, The Graduate School
Shyam Pradheep, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Renee Ragin, The Graduate School
Tim Skapek, Pratt School of Engineering
Lusine Stepanyan,Sanford School of Public Policy
Diamond Zambrano, School of Law
Linda Zhang, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences

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