Be Part of the Change

Dear Duke Alumni Community,
We, the leadership of the Duke Alumni Association, want to affirm that Black lives matter.
Over these last few weeks, we also have recognized that standing in solidarity is not enough. We must both listen and be willing to act. 
In statements to the Duke community, university leaders including President Vincent Price and Duke Health Chancellor Eugene Washington challenged us to address where we have failed in recognizing our shared humanity, where we have failed in respecting the incredible diversity of our Duke community, and where we have failed in rejecting all forms of racism, bias and discrimination—from within the systems of our country and workplaces that create institutionalized inequity to the everyday violence of discounting and discrediting Black people.
Over the next year, we will partner with Duke Black Alumni to take action to address systemic racism within the Duke Alumni Association and the Duke community. Our first step will be to seek out the thoughts and suggestions of our Black alumni via a survey. We plan to send this survey within the next week.
We invite our entire Duke alumni community to join us as we make a stand for change. As your alumni association representing 180,596 alumni, we believe every single one of you counts in this journey toward a new, better future together.
David Kennedy
Vice President, Alumni Affairs and Development
Sterly L. Wilder '83
Associate Vice President, Duke Alumni Affairs
Scott Greenwood
Chief Operating Officer, Duke Alumni Association
Robert Bliwise A.M.’88
Assistant Vice President, Editor, Duke Magazine
Jenn Chambers '01
Assistant Vice President, Lifelong Learning, Duke Alumni Association
Lisa Dilts '83
Senior Director, Reunions and Special Events, Duke Alumni Association
Beverly Harris
Senior Director, Strategic Business Analytics, Duke Alumni Association
Christina Holder M.Div.'13
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications, Duke Alumni Association
David Lindquist B.S.E.'86, M.B.A.'91
Assistant Vice President, Regional Engagement, Duke Alumni Association
Clarybel Peguero
Senior Director, Volunteer Engagement, Duke Alumni Association