Considering further education

Elizabeth Linzer, '09


Philadelphia, PA


(608) 345-4285

I teach job seekers today’s most-effective steps for finding career clarity, landing more interviews and offers, and navigating career transitions with authenticity, confidence, and joy. I spent my earlier career working at LinkedIn where I developed job seeker training programs for audiences across the globe, and I have a deep understanding of the tools and strategies required to succeed in today's job market. I am also intimately familiar with burnout, and the experience of recognizing that the path you are on is not the long-term path for you. I enjoy helping job seekers explore new potential career paths and navigate the 'pivoting' process. Whether you want to transition to a similar role in a new environment, or take a turn in a new direction, I'd love to help you advance your career in an authentic and inspired direction.

Julia Faye Wuench (Korn), MBA'17


Raleigh-Durham, NC

I am a life-long learner, omnivert and empath. I have been through many career and life transitions, but no matter my function, I have always been a coach and teacher first. An adopted North Carolinian, I have loved what this region has to offer, professionally and personally.

Karen Shapiro '88


Haverford, PA


(610) 642-4313

Karen’s goal as a coach is to help her clients rise to new heights, with a renewed sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Whether it be a career or life related goal (or both), Karen supports clients to navigate hurdles and be their best, most authentic self. She is a certified coach and lawyer. She coaches primarily by phone.

Katy Hansell '84


Chicago, IL


(847) 687-3469

Executive and leadership coach + high performance coach + experiential transformation coach + strategic advisor to founders, early-stage entrepreneurial teams.

With two decades of business advisory experience and a decade of coaching experience, Katy empowers leaders to create breakthrough innovation, foster diversity, and deliver massive impact. Katy is pivoting away from helping clients get a new job and focuses on helping clients thrive in their existing jobs or in creating new businesses from idea through scaling. Reach out to her if you are interested in: executive coaching, leadership coaching, experiential transformation/co-active coaching (I am a certified CPCC), high performance (individuals, teams) coaching at your workplace or organization. If you are a founder or someone with a great idea and want business advisory services, reach out to her. Global clientele served over zoom.

Muunie Beard, '12


Los Angeles, CA

Morgan "Muunie" Beard is a creative life coach, artist and embodied healer. She got her BA in Visual and Media Studies from Duke in 2012, earned an MPS in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts in 2017 and is a certified Reiki practitioner. In her 5+ years coaching, she's helped clients change careers, discover their passions, move to new cities, navigate depression and anxiety, dissolve creative blocks, be better leaders, and improve their relationships. She brings her personal and clinical experience, full-body presence, self-expression toolkit and radical insight into every session to create holistic transformation.