Elizabeth Linzer, '09


Philadelphia, PA


(608) 345-4285

I teach job seekers today’s most-effective steps for finding career clarity, landing more interviews and offers, and navigating career transitions with authenticity, confidence, and joy. I spent my earlier career working at LinkedIn where I developed job seeker training programs for audiences across the globe, and I have a deep understanding of the tools and strategies required to succeed in today's job market. I am also intimately familiar with burnout, and the experience of recognizing that the path you are on is not the long-term path for you. I enjoy helping job seekers explore new potential career paths and navigate the 'pivoting' process. Whether you want to transition to a similar role in a new environment, or take a turn in a new direction, I'd love to help you advance your career in an authentic and inspired direction.

David Cheong profile image

David Cheong '01


New York, NY

David is a Partner at Antler Capital, a US$1B venture and growth equity capital firm with 27 offices across six continents. Previously, he looked after Partner executive recruitment at McKinsey & Company. Based in New York, David brings deep experience and expertise coaching executives on how to effectively navigate career transitions. David has served a broad range of prominent corporate clients around the world and has helped senior executives prepare for and secure aspirational job opportunities. He leverages the full breadth of his C-Suite and executive relationships across the US, Europe, and Asia, helping candidates - and Duke alumni - navigate their careers.