Elizabeth Linzer, '09


Philadelphia, PA


(608) 345-4285

I teach job seekers today’s most-effective steps for finding career clarity, landing more interviews and offers, and navigating career transitions with authenticity, confidence, and joy. I spent my earlier career working at LinkedIn where I developed job seeker training programs for audiences across the globe, and I have a deep understanding of the tools and strategies required to succeed in today's job market. I am also intimately familiar with burnout, and the experience of recognizing that the path you are on is not the long-term path for you. I enjoy helping job seekers explore new potential career paths and navigate the 'pivoting' process. Whether you want to transition to a similar role in a new environment, or take a turn in a new direction, I'd love to help you advance your career in an authentic and inspired direction.

David Cheong profile image

David Cheong '01


New York, NY

David is a Partner at Antler Capital, a US$800M global venture capital firm with 27 offices across six continents. Previously, he looked after Partner executive recruitment at McKinsey & Company. Based in New York, David brings deep experience and expertise coaching executives on how to effectively navigate career transitions. David has served a broad range of prominent corporate clients around the world and has helped hundreds of executives prepare for and secure aspirational job opportunities. He has cultivated a deep global network and leverages the full breadth of his relationships across the US, Europe, and Asia helping candidates - and Duke alumni - navigate their careers.

Marsha Egan '74


The Egan Group


Reading, PA


(610) 780-1640

Marsha is an International Coaching Federation board certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She specializes in working with entrepreneurs and mid to executive level organizational leaders to assist with goal attainment, leadership strategies and confidence building.  Marsha is hired by individuals and organizations to clarify goals and to define actions to work through obstacles and to accelerate personal growth.