Organizational Relationships System Coach

Katy Hansell '84


Chicago, IL


(847) 687-3469

Executive and leadership coach + high performance coach + experiential transformation coach + strategic advisor to founders, early-stage entrepreneurial teams.

With two decades of business advisory experience and a decade of coaching experience, Katy empowers leaders to create breakthrough innovation, foster diversity, and deliver massive impact. Katy is pivoting away from helping clients get a new job and focuses on helping clients thrive in their existing jobs or in creating new businesses from idea through scaling. Reach out to her if you are interested in: executive coaching, leadership coaching, experiential transformation/co-active coaching (I am a certified CPCC), high performance (individuals, teams) coaching at your workplace or organization. If you are a founder or someone with a great idea and want business advisory services, reach out to her. Global clientele served over zoom.

Chris Coward, '87


Denver, CO


(267) 226-7935

Chris works with Executives and Leaders to create a fulfilling career and life. She is trained to help her clients discover their strengths, challenges and what truly lights them up so they can excel in their career. The industries that she most works with are non-profit, government, academia and financial. Her clients say that through their work with Chris they increase their confidence, productivity and life satisfaction.