DSAB Spotlights

Bates CrawfordName: Bates Crawford
Class Year: 2022
Major: English
Hometown: New York City

When did you join DSAB?
My first year of DSAB was my sophomore year.

What groups are you involved in at Duke?
I am Co-president of Gente Aprendiendo para Nuevas Oportunidades (GANO) and author of The Chronicle column “A Devil’s Bookshelf.”

Favorite memory at Duke?
One favorite memory (too many to have a definitive favorite!) is the bench burning last spring after the Duke/UNC game. I know, a basketball memory. You guessed it. Definitely a classic answer, but the special feeling we all shared on campus that night, energized by our teamwork, was the perfect example of our undeniable school spirit.

What is your DSAB team up to?
My DSAB team is brainstorming/planning a few different initiatives related to Young Alumni Engagement. A few of these ideas in the works are a version of Ask a Blue Devil that filters to recent graduates for responses, and a post-event, one-on-one conversation program that would allow for a current student and an alum to get together to discuss a lecture they both attended, which would be a natural conversation starter!

Thoughts on online classes/interviews/clubs? Any advice for navigating that?
I feel like I am still learning alongside everyone when it comes to this online college experience, but something I prioritize is being intentionally agile and communicative. As we work through Zoom, there may be technical difficulties, but the best we can do is be ready to pivot and help each other out. The tutoring organization I am a part of, GANO, went completely virtual this past summer and it has been a rewarding experience in a hectic time for tutors and tutees alike. So, I hope we don’t see the virtual world for just its faults! It is a ‘get what you give’ process.

What would be helpful for you to learn from a DSAB newsletter?
In our DSAB meetings, I am always fascinated when people share their mentorship experiences that followed an unexpected or brief connection with someone. As college students, mentors are crucial and can provide us with indispensable insight and motivation beyond our four years on campus, so it would be helpful to hear more of these stories.

Any alumni programs that you have seen and learned from?
A very special community at Duke is the Duke Entertainment, Media & Arts Network (DEMAN). I would love to continue to learn more about the fantastic alumni in these fields and their various passions/career paths, especially other women in the industry! Attending DEMAN events has been a real highlight throughout my Duke experience.