Duke OneLink

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Duke OneLink is a new login service that allows you to use an existing online account (Google, AOL, Yahoo!, FaceBook or LinkedIn) to access Duke websites without needing to create new accounts or passwords. If you don’t have any of those accounts or don’t want to link them to Duke, you can also create a OneLink ID account that will provide you with a username and password to access Duke sites.

Once you have registered with Duke OneLink, you can use it to access these sites:

Why are we doing this?

  • Alumni have too many Duke accounts to manage.  Currently any given alumnus/a could have over 6 separate logins and identities with Duke websites
  • A majority of Duke Alumni already have accounts in one or more of the 5 provider options we are using
  • Because managing multiple identities and passwords is challenging, Duke, as well as our peers and other online websites provide the ability for you to use an existing account (e.g. Facebook or Google) to login to specific Duke services.
  • Duke NetIDs are provided to students, faculty and staff while they are at Duke.  
  • Duke has utilized this service for 3 years, and has found that the process does away with one of the most pressing support issues - that of forgetting passwords.

What is happening to the Duke Alumni Directory login?

As part of this project to build the new dukealumni.com we are ending our contract with the company (Harris Connect) that provides the current Alumni Directory and DukeConnect.  Therefore the alumni login for these sites will go away when we replace the current Alumni Directory with the new Alumni Network in March 2015.  

The new login is part of a larger shift in the way we deliver services, information, and engagement online to alumni and friends.  We have been working the last few years to lay the groundwork for enhancing the online engagement alumni have with the institution, and are at this moment building out the new site that we hope will accomplish that task and more.