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Class of 2010 10th Reunion

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Date: April 17, 2020 - April 19, 2020 | 09:00 am - 01:00 pm EDT

Location:  Duke University
Durham, North Carolina  27708
United States

Join your classmates for your 10th Reunion!

With class parties, educational programming, campus tours, athletic events and family-friendly activities, Duke Reunions Weekend 2020 has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with Duke friends old and new; engage with current students, faculty and administrators; and celebrate the accomplishments of yourself, your classmates and the institution that you all know and love. Registration opens March 2020.


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65 people are interested in this event.

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Melissa Joy Ackerman (Miller), '10

Jasmine Anderson, '10

Matthew Anderson, '10

Michael Arndt, '10

Shannon Beall, '10

Anjali Bhatia, '10

Tym Blanchard, '10

Justin Blumenthal, '10

Amanda Boston, '10, AM'12

Victoria Bright, '10

Scott Casale, '10

Dave Chen, '09, MEgM'11

Charles Colbert, '10

Elana Davidovits (Berger), '10

Ryan Dillon (Steiger), '10

Zachary Drillings, '10

Brittany DuChaussee DuChaussee (Hesbrook), '10

Stephanie Finch, '10

Michael Freedman, '10

William Gamerota, '10

Amanda Granson, '10

Catherine Hartman, '10

Andrew Huang, '10

Jesse Huddleston, '10

Scott Ings, '10

Shawheen James, '10

Courtney Jamison Roane, '10, JD'13

Jennifer Jennison (Cardwell), '10

Kristina Jeter (Broadie), '10

Callie Katt (McClendon), '10

Jamie Kaye-Phillips, '10

Brian Kim, '10

Kraig Knas, '10

Whitney Lane, '10, MD'15

Raisa Ledesma-Rodriguez, '10

Brittany Matheson, '10

Ann Mathews, '10

Sean McCormack, '10

Charlie McSpadden, '10

Kristen Merlone, '10

Alexandra Miller (Prager), '10

Len Pfeiffer, V, '10

Ankit Prasad, '10

Max Quinzani, '10

Archith Ramkumar, '10

Poorav Rohatgi, '10

Nevette Sample, '10

Peter Shaughnessy, '10

Cullen Sinclair, '10

Allie Skolnik (Sommer), '10

KC Steedle, '10

Tom Stern, '10

Alexandra Sullivan (Mistretta), '10

Maggie Templeton (Bashford), '10

Liz Turner, '10

Yuriy Veytskin, '10

Claire Vinson, '10

Deshira Wallace, '10

Melody Wang, '10

Jamie Wilkie, '10

Peter Williams, '10

Joshua Wohl, '10

Benjamin A Wolf, '10, MDiv'13

Mattie Wolf, '10

Jacob Wood, '10

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