DBA's Young Black Alumni Committee Interest meeting

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Date: Monday, September 20, 2021 | 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm EDT

Location:  Virtual Zoom meeting
615 Chapel Drive
Durham, North Carolina  27708
United States

If you are an undergraduate alumni who graduated within the last ten (10) years or graduate/professional alumni who graduated within the last five (5) years, please consider joining our Young Blfdack Alumni Committee, which is a subset of our Duke Black Alumni (DBA). The goals of this Committee include: 

  • Increasing young alumni representation and engagement in alumni events and programs 
  • Facilitating strong network connections among recent alumni 
  • Creating targeted programming for young professionals with a focus on tactical and tangible skills and informaiton sharing 

As this is our Committee's first interest meeting, we look forward to having you share your perspectives, express your interest in participating, and helping us develop salient programming ideas for the upcoming year. 


If interested, please use the following details to participate. 

DBA Young Black Alumni Committee Interest meeting

Date & Time: Monday, September 20 at 6pm EDT 

Meeting ID: 968 7640 2461

Meeting URL: https://duke.zoom.us/j/96876402461


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