Duke Law Livestream - The Rise of the Retail Investor with Professor Gina-Gail Fletcher

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Date: Monday, May 24, 2021 | 12:30 pm EDT

Location:  Virtual
United States

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Historically, retail traders have not wielded significant influence in the financial markets. Recently, the tide has turned. Retail investors have steadily increased their footprint and today are responsible for approximately one-quarter of all trading in the markets. With the introduction of zero commission trading, greater numbers of everyday individuals are buy and selling stocks at previously unseen levels as trading becomes cheaper and more accessible. While this era of improved market democratization is laudable, it exposes tensions and fault lines in the functioning, regulation, and stability of the markets. As retail investors increase, questions arise as to the future of the markets, who the markets serve, and whether market accessibility can exist alongside efficiency, integrity, and stability. Using the recent GameStop frenzy to frame the discussion, this session will explore the pressing practical, policy, and regulatory ramifications that accompany the rise of the retail investor in the financial markets.


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