Exploring the Legal Issues Involving Discrimination, Bias and Inclusivity in an Evolving Legal Landscape

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Date: Monday, December 6, 2021 | 05:30 pm - 06:30 pm PST

Location:  Virtual via Zoom
United States

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Increased diversity and inclusion initiatives have been around for decades, but collective awareness of the struggles impacting underrepresented individuals has never been more present in our daily lives. Join Duke’s experts in the field of law as they explore the recent trends in employment law, general litigation, and policy that are propelled by our new collective awareness.

The panelists will help us learn about the recent rise in employment discrimination cases and how that is impacting business. They will address the impact on how increased awareness of bias and discrimination is impacting the ways juries view these issues and the way litigants litigate or even settle cases. In addition, we will learn about how courts have taken up the gavel to try address some of the ills of past generations, as well as the policies that are enabling such society altering jurisprudence.

We will hear from an employment lawyer about the key issues she faces in litigating today’s employment discrimination cases and the impacts on her clients and the broader labor industry. We also hear from a retired Judge, who will help us understand how litigators, juries, and judges are trying to navigate around the tough issues of race and bias. Lastly, we will hear from a civil rights lawyer on how the ever-changing policies involving race and bias are helping advance the quest for equity for all.

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