Human Flourishing in a Digital Age: Featuring Duke Professor Alex Hartemink B.S.'94, P'25

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Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024 | 05:00 pm EDT

Price: Free

Location:  Virtual via Zoom
Washington, District Of Columbia United States

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Advancements in the digital age have significantly impacted human existence.  From revolutionizing communication to transforming healthcare and expanding our understanding of the world, the benefits are undeniable.  However, these profound changes have altered the nature of work, reshaped societal structures, and challenged our sense of  well-being - raising fundamental questions about the meaning and  purpose of human life. Join us for an hour of discussion with Professor Alex Hartemink B.S.'94, P'25, Professor of Computer Science and Biology, who will share his research about how humans can flourish in a digital age - based on his sophomore seminar in Duke's Transformative Ideas Program. 

Professor Hartemink will define what it means for humans to flourish, and examine the impact of digital technologies. While he'll pay particular attention to artificial intelligence (AI), his remarks will also include the impact of social media, online disinformation, digital photos and music. 

Paul Teller A.B.'93, co‐founder and co‐chair of the Duke Politics and Policy Network (DPPN), and two‐year undergraduate hallmate of Professor Hartemink, will moderate this virtual discussion.

Come with your questions, and let's spend a  meaningful hour together to ponder how we should practically live in today's digital age.


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