What it means to be Forever Duke

Forever Duke

When you graduate from Duke, you leave your student life behind — and yet the spirit of Duke stays with you. The desire to seek knowledge, to understand, to lead and to serve is a fundamental aspect of the Duke experience that continues to resonate throughout the lives of our alumni. To be Forever Duke is to appreciate how Duke can continue to shape your life even decades after graduation — and to embrace one’s own power to shape others in the Duke community.

As a Forever Duke alum, you:

  • Stay informed and involved in the ongoing life of the university
  • Seek out opportunities to advocate for Duke in formal and informal ways
  • Embrace the spirit of lifelong learning and development
  • Foster connections and create opportunities for members of the Duke family
  • Celebate the accomplishments of the Duke community
  • Advance Duke’s ideal of knowledge in service to society
  • Contribute leadership, talent and resources to help Duke succeed


What's Your Forever?

Marvin Marcelin '09: "Being able to light a fire in someone else's life is by far one of the greatest things you can experience." See more videos at www.whatsyourforever.com