Meet the world’s most endangered mammals

Learn with Lemurs

Next Event: May 18-20, 2018
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The Duke Lemur Center is the world's largest sanctuary for rare and endangered prosimian primates. Housing nearly 250 lemurs, the largest population outside of their natural habitat of Madagascar, the Duke Lemur Center offers an opportunity not only to see these amazing animals firsthand but learn directly from the experts working to protect them.

This 3-day weekend adventure offers a walk with the lemurs, exploring lemur habits and behaviors, and lectures featuring Duke faculty with the most up to date research. 

We invite you to come experience what is perhaps the most unique facility at Duke! 

What can you learn from a lemur?

Duke University alumnus Luke Dollar ’95, MS’05, PhD’06 talks about how the Duke Lemur Center inspired him to become a conservation biologist in Madagascar.

Lemur Weekend 2018

Our next Lemur Weekend will take place in the spring of 2018. Stay tuned!

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Duke Lemur CenterThe Duke Lemur Center

The Duke Lemur Center through its living laboratory advances science, scholarship, and biological conservation through interdisciplinary research on lemurs. By engaging scientists, students and the public in new discoveries and global awareness, the Center promotes a deeper appreciation of biodiversity and an understanding of the power of scientific discovery. Learn more.