Group Admin FAQ: Create Emails


This quick guide will get you sending an email to your group in just a few minutes. 

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to your user profile
  3. Navigate to your “My Duke” tab
  4. Select the group you are sending emails from
  5. As a group admin you will select the option “Manage Emails
  6. For a new email message use the button “Create Email
  7. Add all required information to complete an email.
    1. Title is only viewed from the admin interface
    2. Email Category is to identify the email purpose
    3. Who is this email from, is to display sender in the user’s email
    4. Email Subject, is to display the subject line in the user’s email
    5. Email Recipients, should auto select the group your message began through. You may expand this to other groups you are group admin for.
    6. Email message is the content displayed in the user’s email
    7. Link Content will display after the message and drives traffic back to events, announcements, magazine articles, trips, or job postings
    8. Email opt-out code sets the opt-code added to the user’s profile when they choose to “unsubscribe” from the message type
    9. Recipient count displays how many members will receive this message.
    10. Administrator comments is used to explain why a message may have been denied approval
  8. Click “Preview
  9. Review the message, make necessary changes to any fields or selections.
  10. Click “Submit for review” if the message is complete and prepared to send. Click “Preview & Save” if the message is not yet complete or needs additional information before it is ready to send. Click “Delete” if you made the message in error or wish to remove this entry.
  11. After the message has been Submitted for review a Site administrator must review the entry and could “approve” or “deny” the email.