Group Admin FAQ: Exporting Group Members


Q: How do you get a list of group members?

A: The simplest way, is to export a list of group member IDs from the group dashboard, and then send that list to DAA or one of your development colleagues (with DADD access) so they can provide you with the names/email addresses of those people.

  1. To do this go to Manage Members
  2. Then select Bulk Operations and ‘Export Members by EID’ and Process
  3. This will download a text file with a list of EIDs of all group members.

If you have DADD/Enquire access, just do a bulk lookup of these EIDs to export the full list.

NOTE:  The EID list includes all group members without Opt-out codes applied, so you’ll need to apply them before exporting the list from Enquire.

If you don’t have DADD/Enquire access, work with your alumni affairs team to pull the list from Enquire or submit the Group List Request form in the Group Admins box to the DAA.