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The Duke LGBTQ Network is dedicated to serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community of the university. The Network welcomes alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Duke.


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The network is the best way for members and friends of the Duke LGBTQ community to receive news about LGBTQ events and opportunities.

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Save the Date: October 27-29, 2017: LGBTQ Alumni Weekend

Aug 18, 2017

Duke LGBTQ Network News: Announcing the LGBTQ Alumni Weekend, Celebrating Pride, and More

Jul 7, 2017

The latest issue of the Duke LGBTQ Network News highlights regional Pride gatherings, an LGBTQ alumni weekend, Blue Devils send off parties, upcoming events, and a last call for filling out the membership survey.

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Duke LGBTQ Network News: Duke and HB2, Reunions Recap, and More

Apr 26, 2017

The latest issue of the Duke LGBTQ Network news features Duke's repsonse to HB2 including a letter to the editor from the Network, recaps of recent events including Reunions, a feature on a transgender student, and more!

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Duke LGBTQ Network News: A new Duke president, polite politics, upcoming events and more!

Dec 19, 2016

The latest issue of Duke LGBTQ Network News includes an update on the Duke president, polite politics from Steven Petrow '78, upcoming events and more!

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Jin-Soo Huh '09 Addresses the Duke LGBTQ Network

Dec 9, 2016

Dear Duke LGBTQ Network,   As your new president, I am excited to build off of the great work of past president Fred Steckler. I want to extend my thanks to Fred for his work and my gratitude for his continued role on the board.   We've been busy this fall. Here are some of the highlights:   The LGBTQ Network board had a productive on campus meeting in early November, meeting with staff members of the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (CSGD) and leaders of student LGBTQ groups. We left the meeting with an action plan to strengthen regional programming, to increase membership and diversity, and to engage our members with a signature event in 2017.   The excitement of the weekend stood in stark contrast to the results of the U.S. presidential election. I am thankful that Duke has progressed as an institution that stands for diversity in a time when much of the the larger LGBTQ community feels threatened.   It has been heartening to see Duke support the LGBTQ community recently with actions such as standing against HB2 and adding gender expression as a protected class to employment policies.   A strong community is even more important, and the LGBTQ Network will continue to strengthen bonds between our alumni and Duke community members.   Finally, I am excited for the work ahead in 2017, and I hope you'll join me. Here are a few ways you can get involved:  

  Forever Duke,   Jin-Soo Huh ’09   P.S. View an updated infographic showing all we have accomplished in 2016!