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Sanford School of Public Policy

The Sanford School Network has over 7,000 graduates worldwide.


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Sanford alumni make up a diverse, global network that is more than 7,000 strong – a network with leaders and change agents in every sector of the economy and every level of the government. 

The Sanford alumni community is bound together by the shared vision of the school’s founder, Terry Sanford, who emphasized making a difference by risk-taking for the benefit of the common good.

“We will not flinch from change; we will lead it. We will not turn away from challenge; we will welcome it.”

As a Sanford alum, there are so many ways you can meaningfully contribute to the lives of students, research of faculty, and good work of other alumni to respond to the challenges and needs of our time.  By staying connected, you also can continue to grow and advance in your professional and personal endeavors through transformative experiences both on Duke’s campus and in your community. 

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