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The Duke Exclusive

Duke has many fascinating places to visit.

The Duke Exclusive offers local alumni and university guests the chance to experience one-of-a-kind educational excursions only Duke can offer. Alumni Education provides a variety of these half-day Forever Learning programs throughout the year. Previous exclusives have explored the stories, sights, and studies found at Duke Lemur Center, the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, and more! Come take a look at some of Duke's most intriguing places through the Duke Exclusive.

Duke Exclusives Fall 2023

The Duke Robotics Lab - Oct. 27

During this exclusive, the Duke Robotics Lab will host a morning in the laboratory where robots come to life. Watch science in action in the laboratory’s simulation and robotics platforms, the private human-in-the-loop experiment rooms, and the observation space for large-scale experiments. Used as a collaborative workspace between many departments in Pratt School of Engineering, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Medicine, the Robotics Lab is dedicated to advancing the field of robotics and training future generations of thinkers and creators.

The Duke Herbarium, Nov. 10

During this exclusive, the Duke Herbarium will share a day in the life of a plant research scientist. Herbaria, like libraries, store information for study but instead of books this natural history collection stores biological information- pressed, dried, and annotated plant specimens. These primary data sources provide a direct touchpoint into history and serve as a foundational resource for classification and the study of biodiversity. Explore one of the largest and most diverse collections of plant specimens in the United States, with more than 825,000 plant and fungal specimens, and find out how much there is to learn from this global resource seeded at Duke.

What to Expect

We provide breakfast and lunch catered by the Washington Duke InnEach program provides small-group educational tours, often with hands-on opportunities and lectures by faculty or field experts. While guests provide their own transportation during the program, parking is provided, as well as refreshments in the morning and a catered lunch in the afternoon. Programs begin and conclude at the Washington Duke Inn, and are scheduled from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Participant Physical Requirements
The physical demands of this program are light but often include walking on uneven terrain or stairs and standing during our tour portions of the program. Prospective participants with mobility difficulties or health concerns should make preliminary inquiries before signing up for this program.


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