Alumnae Outreach

DAA programs geared to engaging women.

What was lost when the Woman’s College merged with Trinity in 1972? Why are women’s athletic opportunities still not equal to those for men, despite the passage of Title IX? How do state battles over reproductive rights and health care affect women disproportionately? For the more than 300 attendees at “Winning Women: Advocates, Educators and Athletes” in February, exploring the answers to these and other questions resulted in intense discussions, fond recollections of shared experiences, and inquiries about what role alumnae play in shaping Duke today.

Organized by the Duke Alumni Association and Duke Athletics, the program is part of the DAA’s larger outreach efforts to engage alumnae. At the local level, Women’s Forums throughout the country provide ongoing networking events around topics such as women entrepreneurs, education and leadership, and sustainable food. For information about Women’s Forums, including how to start one in your community, click here.


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