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Both Duke's president and its athletic teams were on the road this academic year, usually separately, but always attracting a large number of alumni. Club events were planned for each off-campus foray.

In July, President Nannerl O. Keohane was the guest of honor for a London champagne river boat cruise on the Thames. The joint reception accommodated most of Keohane's academic ties: graduates and friends of not only Duke but Wellesley, where she was an u ndergraduate and president, and Stanford, where she was a political science professor and faculty senate chair. Attendance was approximately 150. Former club president Kathy Stone Sorley '79 organized the event; Laura Kottler Egerter '85 is the Duke Club of London's new president.

Stateside receptions for President Keohane have been scheduled up to June 1996. So far, she has attended club functions in Denver; St. Louis; Cleveland; Columbia, South Carolina; and Greenville, South Carolina. She is scheduled to continue her talks and take questions in Wilmington, North Carolina, on May 23; in Cincinnati on June 4; and in Nashville, Tennessee, on June 5. An average of 100 people gather at each event to meet or greet Duke's most visible president.

When the Blue Devil teams go on the road, there's always a gathering of Blue Devils to welcome them. The Duke Club of Orlando offered a pregame reception and tickets to the Citrus Bowl when Duke played Florida State in September. More than 300 attended; B ob Ansley '72 was the contact person and David A. Johnston '62 is the club's president. The Duke University Metropolitan Alumni Association (DUMAA) sponsored transportation from Manhattan and a pregame barbecue-ticket package at West Point for the Duke-Ar my game; 458 attended. Doug Decker '90 was the event's contact and Lisa Meyers Conde '87 is DUMAA's president. A pregame tailgate lunch was arranged in October in Charlottesville by the Duke Club of Richmond for the Duke-Virginia game. About 250 took part ; John Lucas '66 is the club's president.

For the hoops season, the Duke Club of Boston hosted nearly 1,000 fans at a pregame brunch for the Duke-Northeastern game in late December. The Boston club's president is CeCe Gassner '94. The Duke Club of Philadelphia held a pregame reception attended by 500 fans at The Spectrum when Duke played Temple in January. Dick Franklin '80 is the club's president. The Capital Duke Club in Tallahassee celebrated with nearly 300 Blue Devils at a pregame reception for the Duke-Florida State game in February. Walter Manley J.D. '72 is the club's president.

Four new clubs have been formed, bringing the international number of official Duke alumni groups to eighty-seven. Kunming Kuo '92 is the president for the Duke Club of Taiwan, which hosted a reception in Taipei in January with Peter Lange, Duke's vice pr ovost for academic and international affairs, and William Ascher, director of Duke's Sanford Institute of Public Policy. Bill Obremskey '84 is president of the Duke Club of Tucson, William Rose '67 heads the Duke Club of Central Alabama, and Elaine Ritte r Schaeffer '82 is the Duke Club of Rochester's president.


When should parents and students begin the process of selecting the right college? It's never too soon, says Edith Sprunt Toms '62, the Alumni Affairs assistant director who oversees the alumni admissions program.

On Friday, June 28, the Duke Alumni Association is sponsoring the day-long Alumni Admissions Forum for all college-considering families. Sessions will include "How To Begin the College Search Process," "What Colleges Look For in Their Applicants," "The Ad missions Calendar," and "Testing and Essays." Both perspectives will be covered: financial aid information for parents and a student panel to provide information for prospective matriculators. The cost is $95 per family.

A panel of experts includes Kerry Mewhort Winiarski '88, director of college counseling at New Jersey's Newark Academy; Eleanor Sasaw, director of guidance at Virginia's West Springfield High School; and Sarah McGinty, a teacher, writer, and admissions co nsultant in Boston. Duke Director of Undergraduate Admissions Christoph Guttentag will address the forum, as will Duke's financial aid director, James Belvin.

"This is our sixth alumni admissions forum," says Toms. "Based on past evaluations, some participants consider it one of the best services the alumni association offers." The mailing list is compiled from the alumni records of parents who have provided t he birth dates of their children. Rising ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students on file will be invited.

Toms stresses that participation in the forum will have no effect upon a student's candidacy for admission to Duke. She encourages all alumni to submit the names and birth dates of the children in order to get on future forum mailing lists by notifying Al umni Records, Duke University, Box 90613, Durham, N.C. 27708-0613.

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