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New trustees for Duke's governing body

Two new members joined the board of trustees in July: Laurene M. Sperling ’78, president of the Sperling Family Charitable Foundation, and Hope Morgan Ward ’73, M.Div. ’78, a United Methodist bishop.

Sperling, of Wayland, Massachusetts, serves on many nonprofit boards and, from 1997 to 2010, was a member of the Duke libraries’ advisory board, serving as chair from 2006 to 2010.

Ward, of Jackson, Mississippi, was elected a bishop of the United Methodist Church in Mississippi in 2004, where she leads 190,000 United Methodists in more than 1,100 congregations across the state. Ward also has served on Duke Divinity School’s board of visitors and the alumni association board of directors.

Two young trustees joined the board in July as observers: John Harpham ’10 of Chapel Hill and Adrienne Clough M.B.A. ’10 of Durham. Observers attend board meetings and serve on committees but do not have voting status. Two observers on last year’s board, young trustees Sunny Kantha ’09 and James McDonald J.D. ’09, will now have voting membership—Kantha for two years; McDonald, for one.

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