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Making memories: husbands from the Class of 1958 focus on their wives (off-camera)


Chris Hildreth

More than 3,700 alumni, family members, and guests gathered on campus for Reunions Weekend in April. Over the three-day weekend, old friends and classmates reconnected, lunched in Cameron Indoor Stadium, took tours of new campus buildings and research facilities, and enjoyed a series of faculty lectures on topics including the physics behind black holes, presidential campaign politics, and the intersections between business and faith.

Making memories: revelers show off dance moves at the Reunions gala


Les Todd

Some attended a Hoof 'n' Horn presentation of Grease, while others accompanied Project W.I.L.D. undergraduates on a Duke Forest ropes course, visited the Lemur Center, or watched a dance performance at the Ark. Alumni children picked from a variety of kid-focused sessions, including a chemistry camp in the French Family Science Center and soccer and basketball clinics coached by varsity athletes.

As usual, everyone came together for the big Saturday night Reunions Gala, held in a festival tent across from the soccer and lacrosse fields, where alumni ate, drank, and danced the night away, pausing long enough to admire a fireworks display over Wallace Wade Stadium.

The Class of 2003 set a 5th reunion record, with 765 alumni attending. Other attendance numbers: Class of 1958, 270 attending; Class of 1963, 100; Class of 1968, 168; Class of 1973, 185; Class of 1978, 250; Class of 1983, 499; Class of 1988, 549; Class of 1993, 206; and Class of 1998, 621.

Photos from the event may be viewed and purchased at www.dukeshots.com, Gallery Code: DU2008.

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