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Duke is undertaking a new undergraduate global-citizenship initiative through its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)—a major element of its upcoming reaffirmation of accreditation by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Called "Global Duke: Enhancing Students' Capacity for World Citizenship," the plan will be launched over the next two years.

The Global Semester Abroad will focus on a global issue studied comparatively in two locations overseas; the Winter Forum will be an on-campus retreat before the start of the spring semester, exploring a major global issue from interdisciplinary perspectives and with participation from graduate and professional programs; and the Global Advising Program will help undergraduates become aware of global opportunities and integrate those opportunities into their academic and career planning.

Mary T. Boatwright, professor of classical studies, and Prasad Kasibhatla, associate professor of environmental chemistry, are leading the university-wide QEP committee of faculty and administrators. The committee is developing the focus and programs in accordance with Duke's priorities on internationalization, interdisciplinary work, experiential learning, and knowledge in service to society. The committee also plans to mesh the many global initiatives across the institution with the goals of undergraduate education.

According to Boatwright, students "welcome better coordination and stronger integration of the many opportunities Duke now offers for global citizenship," and they welcome as well "building stronger ties with one another, with faculty, and with graduate and professional students."

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