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Helping your child find the right college is a process that can never start too soon. There are many things to consider: when to apply and, if selected, how to pay for it. To help educate potential applicants--and particularly those footing the bill--the Duke Alumni Association is sponsoring its tenth Alumni Admissions Forum, an all-day conference to be held June 27.

" Because of the tremendous success and popularity of the 2002 forum, we decided to offer the event annually," says Edith Sprunt Toms '62, who coordinates the conference as assistant director at Alumni Affairs. "We're trying to alleviate some of the stress by providing information and guidelines from experts to help parents and students through the process." Alumni with children born in 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989 will be invited.

Guest panelists include Laura Sellers, director of college counseling at Cary Academy in Cary, North Carolina; Nancy Donehower, a counseling consultant in Portland, Oregon; and Ali Banji, director of college counseling at the Potomac School in Maryland. The director of undergraduate admissions, Christoph Guttentag, and assistant vice president for student affairs Sue Wasiolek '76, M.H.A. '78, LL.M. '93 will be on the program, as well as a representative from Duke's financial aid office.

The Alumni Admissions Forum is offered as a service to Duke alumni and their children, regardless of their intention to apply to Duke. Participation has no effect on a student's candidacy at Duke.

For information, contact Edith Toms at Alumni Admissions Forum, 614 Chapel Drive, Box 90572, Durham, N.C. 27708, (919) 684-5114, or

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