Duke Magazine: Jan-Feb 1996

      Jan.-Feb. 1996

      Bearing Witness to History photographs by Steve Lehman
        From political upheavals to ethnic unrest, a photojournalist finds himself on the scene--and behind the scenes--of the stories that shape our world

      Litigation: Too much of a good thing? by Robert J. Bliwise
        Is modern society too litigious? Or is compensation awarded judiciously? A legal expert and an economist reach different verdicts

      A Matter of Life and Death by John K. Petty
        A doctor-in-training gets a dose of crisis medicine: "We learn to care for the ill and dying--we unlearn our distance from illness and death"

      Active Pacifist by Taylor Sisk
        A Jesuit priest, John Dear decided to steal onto an Air Force base, hammer away at an F-15, and risk losing a decade of his life to incarceration

      When Violence Hits Home by Bill Sasser
        Whether in large metropolitan areas or small-town America, violent crime has become an increasing concern for most Americans--and a personal issue for some of them.

      Cable TV's Good Sport by Joan Oleck
        Athletic events are big business these days, and the challenge for seasoned marketing executive Judy Fearing is to carve out an image for ESPN

      Under the Gargoyle
        The freshman Focus program aims to create a community of scholars

        A visionary cataract surgeon

        Reflecting on reunions, stuck on sports, questions on costs

        A naming gift for a school, morning glory on television, two more for the Rhodes

        A global thinker looks at the modern novel, an interlocutor operates on Jamaica

      Quad Quotes
        Tests may not make the grade, lemurs leave for the city

      Alumni Register
        Reunion Roundup, Law School Honors, Board Meets

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