Duke Magazine: Jan-Feb 1997

January-February 1997

History Through Paper Windows
by Catherine Petroski
As she investigates the diary of a sea-captain's wife, a researcher wonders: "Who was this plain-spoken, intelligent, industrious Down East woman who was by turns serious and playful, at once revealing and reticent?"

Writing Rwanda's Future
by Bridget Booher
Instrumental in drafting legislation on criminal justice and victim reparation matters, law professor Madeline Morris has become an international authority on prosecuting war crimes

Straight From the Heart How many ways can you say I love you? Quite a few, as this sampling from the Special Collections Library reveals

It's All in Your Head
by Dennis Meredith
Researchers at Duke and other medical centers are discovering that the shortest path to healing the body may be through the mind

Time For A Change
by Robert K. Otterbourg
Job jumping: Some may be bored, burned out, victims of downsizing, or just looking for a career that blends in with a desired shift in lifestyles

Playing for Profits
by Michael Goldstein
An unlikely trio--professional team president, wire-service sportswriter, and basketball- league marketer--deal with the business of sports

Shipboard Scholars
by Robert J. Bliwise
A cruise-based tour of the lands of gods and heroes--Greece, Italy, and Turkey-- was designed as a floating college for alumni

Under the Gargoyle "Why do I respond to Duke's shut-out football season with a self-satisfied grin?"

Spotlight Combining a love for nature and a knack for business

Forum Debatable dance, interracial initiatives

Gazette A boost for recreation, an engineer for the Rhodes, an advocate for literature

Books Reflections of a true traveler and a seasoned optimist

Quad Quotes Food, glorious food; happy birthday, HAL

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