Duke Magazine: Jul-Aug 1996

September-October 1996

Master of New York
by Robert J. Bliwise
New York magazine reflected pioneering editor Clay Felker's view of the world-- an outlook that accented status and ambition

The Secret Game
by Scott Ellsworth
The writer knew he had stumbled upon a lost piece of American history; what he didn't know was whether he could bring it to life

Absorbing Images of Life
photography by Caroline Vaughan;
text by Bridget Booher

In her breathtaking new book, a photographer journeys to places that exist somewhere between truth and invention

Anger Over the Airwaves
by Bridget Booher
Faced with growing contentiousness over television violence, an unlikely coalition of network executives, academics, and media analysts offer alternatives to pulling the plug

Blown Away by Nature's Designs
by Dennis Meredith
Zoologist Steve Vogel's most recent project began with the question: Why don't trees fall down in high winds?

Fresh Samplings A selection of essays--required of each applicant as part of the admissions competition--reveals something of the insights and achievements of the Class of 2000

Under the Gargoyle Whom can we expect to support the arts, particularly the progressive arts?

Spotlight Plotting out the Northwest Bookfest

Gazette Entertainment, ethics, and a life in the media

Books Entertainment, ethics, and a life in the media

Quad Quotes Hurricanes and tree endurance, freshmen and first impressions

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