Duke Magazine: Jul-Aug 1996

May-June 1996

Living On The Hyphen
by Bridget Booher
Thirty-six years after his family fled Fidel Castro's revolution, a professor has written of the difficult journey to reconcile his ties to Cuba with his life in the United States.

Taking Care of Business
by Edward Prewitt
Fuqua's innovative dean ran the business school like a business: the product is not the graduate but the M.B.A. education; its customers are both the students and the companies that hire them

Making It On The Hill
by Robert J. Bliwise
Two Democratic veterans and a new-revolution Republican may be at odds on policy and philosophy, but they do agree that Congress has become frustratingly fractious

White House Insider
by Robert J. Bliwise
Asked to recall his favorite moment on the job, President Clinton's political director says, "I haven't had one yet. Hopefully, it will happen in November."

On The Front Lines
by Sarah Hardesty Bray
The president of Friends of the Earth has a knowledgeable andobjective respect for the facts-and a deep, unwavering, and very personal commitment to saving the planet

Defining A New Ecology
by Monte Basgall
There's a nonequilibrium perspective among mainstream ecologists now that sees nature not as orderly, but as messy, constantly adapting and evolving in the face of change

More Than A Kodak Moment
by Kathy Pitman
The J. Walter Thompson Company Collection in Duke's Special Collections Library is a history of American advertising and, at the same time, a visual record of our constantly changing society

Under The Gargoyle Presidential thoughts on residential themes

Spotlight An artistic vision takes hold in Florida

Forum Sports stereotypes, international engagement, pernicious pacificism

Gazette A diagnosis for Gulf War veterans, honors for student scholars, fund-raising for primates

Books Rethinking higher education, guiding the career search

Quad Quotes The spoils of war, the uncertainties after graduation

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