Duke Magazine: Jul-Aug 1996

May-June 1997

Where Are The C's of Yesteryear?
by Robert J. Bliwise
While it's easy to point to the problems of inflated grades and inequities in assigning grades, it's not so easy to agree on the remedies

What Makes Up Ones Mind? by Dennis Meredith
Neurobiologists aren't alone in seeking to understand how brain circuits spawn the mind; they've been joined by philosophers

Faith In The Future
by Walton R. Collins
"Our mission and challenge," says the retiring dean of the divinity school, "is to maintain the delicate balance between communities of faith and the general society, between intellectual development and spiritual growth"

A Dynasty of Divinity Deans
Building on a family legacy of leadership

A Natural Obsession
Photography by Middleton Evans
From lush scenes of pristine woods to the bright spectacle of insect life, a photographer captures an exceptional range of images

In Defense of The Constitution
by Neil Lewis
Now solicitor general, the Duke law school's Walter Dellinger has become a pivotal player in the Clinton administration and in the field of constitutional law

Picturing the Imperfect
by Matt Gidney
The Chronicle's cartoonist, Class of 1997, sketches--in both words and drawings-- his Duke years

Q & A
Insights into today's Russian realities from a former ambassador

Scrutinizing basic biological processes at a very high level

Mathematical marvels, campaign-finance conundrums, Newsweek notables

The art of the "black diaspora," the sound of Reynolds Price

Quad Quotes
Senior reflections, summer readings

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