Duke Magazine: Jul-Aug 1996

July-August 1996

Poised to fulfill a promise
by Bridget Booher
Navigating the sometimes conflicting spheres of outside expectations and internal aspirations serves the new drector of African and Afro-American Studies well as she guides an overlooked program to its potential

Escaping to the Exotic
by Sarah Walker Schroth
A Victorian artist, whose work willl be on display at the Duke University Museum of Art, was one of the first to capture the monumental grandeur of Near East biblical landscapes once closed to travelers

Summertime and Living is Hectic
by Sam Hull and Les Todd Campus activity does not cool down when the temperatures go up; instead, there's an influx of students attending a variety of youth programs and summer camps in the sciences, sports, and the arts

An Olympic Story
by Casie Morris with Bridget Booher Getting ready for the 1996 Centennial Games involved many Duke alumni, both behind the scenes and on the playing fields

Marie Curie's Persistent Sisters
by Dennis Meredith
Although the deck is still heavily stacked against a woman entering science or engineering, Duke women have learned to play their hands cleverly

Fresh Samplings A selection of essays--required of each applicant as part of the admissions competition--reveals something of the insights and achievements of the Class of 2000

Under the Gargoyle Durable symbols: President Keohane's baccalaureate address to the Class of 1996

Spotlight An alumnus gives voice to "forbidden" composers

Quad Quotes Tips for travellers, summer readings

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