Duke Magazine: Jul-Aug 1997

July - August 1997

Who Could Ask for Anything More?
by Joan Oleck
Rob Fisher has this passion about bringing old musicals back from the dead -- not just conducting the musicians but researching their original instrumental scores right down to the last nuance

Breaking Free From Pain
by Dennis Meredith
Having the right pain-treating drugs, machines, and techniques is not enough; pain treatment can be subtle and complicated, requiring the marshaling of wide- ranging expertise

A Move Toward Moderation
by Bridget Booher
University administrators, faculty, police, and even students themselves are grappling with how to minimize the damaging side effects of the party-till-you-drop mentality

New Life For Old Words
by Rusty Wright
The Living Bible and its reader-friendly translations have made a former religion major a leader in the booming Christian publishing industry

A Reassuring Hand In The Darkness
by Kathleen Lynn Stoney and Christina Askounis
"She had a self-possessed air, like the cat in Kipling's story, as if she knew what she was about, where she was headed"

Perchance To Dream
by Robert J. Bliwise
With a boost from Duke, a Durham middle school takes Shakespeare -- and a passion for performance -- on the road

Under The Gargoyle
Never standing still: baccalaureate thoughts from the president

Curiosity and the camel

A dean's departure, a Styron donation, a Carter commencement

Defending affirmative action, recovering from personal tragedy

Quad Quotes
A disputed shift for SHARE, a mixed record for Title IX

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