Duke Magazine: Mar-Apr 1996

      Mar.-Apr. 1996

      How to get your ZZZZZZZZs by Dennis Meredith
        A Duke sleep scientist helps our bleary-eyed correspondent reform his snoozing techniques and get his quota; that makes one insomniac down, 40 million to go

      Color-Blind or Color-Conscious? by Bill Sasser
        Too far or not far enough? The debate over affirmative action may be decades old, but it's taken on a new life as the controversy moves into the political arena and to college campuses

      Beyond the Birthing Room by Bridget Booher
        Historian Monica Green uncovers the role of women in medieval science and medicine, challenging long-held assumptions about how knowledge was obtained and distributed in the Middle Ages.

      Peripatetic President by Georgann Eubanks
        Paul Hardin: "Going from private to public higher education, you trade a lot of worries about finance and whether tuition is too high for layers and layers of political accountability and bureaucracy"

      Rider on the Storm by John Manuel
        When it comes to environmental assaults, the social scientist, conservationist, and Duke Marine Lab professor is as comfortable talking to a single fisherman as he is to state and national policymakers

      When View Meets Voice by Stephen Martin
        Rejecting celebrity, conflict, and sensationalism as themes, Double Take magazine is a collaboration between photographer Alex Harris and writer Robert Coles that instead celebrates original and overlooked ideas.

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