Duke Magazine: Nov-Dec 1995

      Nov.-Dec. 1995

      Transforming the Campus Community by Robert J. Bliwise
        A new design for Duke: an all-freshman East Campus, reconfigured living groups, increased faculty-student intercation, and more restrictive drinking rules

      Exercising Options by Stephen Martin
        After years of task-force deliberations, a plan finally takes shape for helping students stay in shape

      Dreams of the Deep by Sylvia Earle
        A renowned marine scientist, conservationist, and developer of research vehicle submersibles offers some underwater reflections on her lifelong fascination with watery worlds below

      Inside the Mouse by William Sasser
        In their new book on the Magic Kingdom, literature professor Susan Willis and her colleagues examine the implications of "the world's most highly developed private property 'state' devoted to amusement"

      On the Media Front Line by Michael Goldstein
        A news wholesaler: Lowndes Lipscomb's Worldwide Television News is to television what Associated Press is to newspapers

      Itchy Gatal meets the Orangutan King by Chris Hildreth with Dennis Meredith
        A photographer learned a lesson on the dangers of scientific research as he slogged through a Sumatran swamp to capture images of primatologist Carel van Schaik studying orangutans

      Around the World in Many Ways by Bridget Booher
        While Duke has long valued awareness of world-wide concerns, the emphasis on all things global is now a clearly stated university priority.

      Under the Gargoyle
        Presidential musings on ethics and education

        A trail blazer in the arts community

        In defense of benefits, praise from Australia, frustration over information

        A business leader for the business school, a remembrance of war from a journalist, signs of a surge in the graduate school

        Improbable illusions in an immigrant community

      Quad Quotes
        A fragile peace, some wished-for gifts

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