Duke Magazine: Sep-Oct 1997

November - December 1997

Sometimes The Healer Needs Healing
by Bob Wilson
Though he had no way of knowing it at the time, John Parrish's year in the killing fields would upend his personal life, render him apolitical, and leave him with a burden of survivor guilt common among medical providers who went to Vietnam

Preparing For The Final Transition
by Bridget Booher
The debate over euthanasia has polarized the country in much the same way as abortion or the death penalty; but it has also opened a window onto a much larger, and many would say more important issue: the quality of care for the dying

Go To The Head of The Class
By Robert J. Bliwise
With a mixture of planning and serendipity, Duke has managed to achieve a level of prominence that is nearly without precedent--and that finds expression not just in magazine rankings, but in changing profiles of the student body and the faculty

Going For The Silver
by Michael Goldstein
Since so few achieve the superstar status of life at the top, a Duke social scientist recommends we strive for the middle; the nation's economy and society will be the better for it

In The Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
by Alex Greenwood
Taking their inspiration from a book, a group of friends tested their undaunted courage on a westward trail blazed two centuries before

Women In The Ministry
by Robert K. Otterbourg
Today's clergywomen, like women in other professions, seek assignments commensurate with their experience, promotions to jobs once only held by men, equal pay, and the removal of social and lifestyle barriers that once comprised an all-male ministerial club

The moderate life of the party, the legacy of great teachers

A spelling test for freshmen, honors for Founders' Day, a symposium for Franklin

A poet's finest achievement

Quad Quotes
Foreign-language futures, Joycean jolts

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