Duke Magazine: Sep-Oct 1997

September - October 1997

A Home for History
by Bridget Booher
From private correspondence and departmental memos to photographs and ephemera, University Archives manages the materials that illustrate where the university has been, and where it's going

Ecology and the Tourist Marketplace
by Monte Basgall
A researcher hopes to protect the environment through an unusual professional pursuit-- devoting his attention to Mexican arts and crafts

Living and Learning Abroad
Photographs by Chris Hildreth
Images from the ultimate summer school

Minding Mother Jones
by Todd Krieger
Steeped in the economics, politics, and vagaries of the magazine world, Jay Harris helps reposition a magazine celebrated for its investigative aggressiveness

Journey to the Top of the Andes
by Alan Best
A recent graduate pursues his dream of ascending the world's highest active volcano, "the most ambitious mountain climbing trip of my life"

Adding New Dimensions to Volunteerism
by John Manuel
What if we were expected to perform public service as part of our formal education? What if in the process of performing that service, we found that we learned as much as we taught?

Religious practices, grading standards

A year of giving generously, an initiative for literacy, a class portrait

A sad and witty tale, an inflation-whipping Fed

Quad Quotes
Lively literature, football fortunes

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