Duke Magazine: Sept-Oct 1996

November-December 1996

Striking A Delicate Balance
by Robert J. Bliwise
Can a university expect its faculty members to be pioneering in their scholarship and dynamic in their instruction?

Educational Incentives A $40-million effort to enhance the undergraduate experience

Discerning Cultural Questions
by Bridget Booher
From notions of motherhood to popular culture signposts, a cultural anthropologist examines elements of everyday life in Japan

Unraveling the History of Emotion
by John Manuel
From the written records of past people's daily struggles, a Duke cultural historian breathes life into aspects and segments of society usually overlooked in traditional studies

Before the Damage is Done
by Dennis Meredith
Duke physicians battling stroke face two formidable enemies--the event itself and ignorance

A Spirited Pursuit
by Todd Krieger
From just the right land purchase to the first sip from the harvest, alumni are cultivating fertile ground in the California wine-making business

Juggling Dreams and Duties
by Gretchen R. Sutherland
Through shared adversity, a group of graduate school wives were as committed and determined as their husbands to accomplish the goal of Duke doctorates

Under the Gargoyle "A faculty member actually meeting students on their own ground!"

Spotlight Shaping service-oriented television

Forum Grammatical griping, devilish discoveries

Gazette Family honors, growing gardens, shifting geology

Books As America embraces the values of Dixie, the South does rise again

Quad Quotes Financial-aid stresses, holiday-time reading, post-election predictions

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