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Photography by Chris Hildreth
All photographs are copyrighted by Chris Hildreth. All rights reserved.

Paris: raison d'etre
for the term "City of Light"

rom late June to early August, 214 Duke students attended the ultimate summer school: a six- week, educational sojourn in one of a dozen foreign countries, under Duke's Study Abroad program. Led by Duke professors and local faculty members, students chose biogeology and environmental history in Sydney, Australia; an achaeological dig in Galilee, Israel; drama or media studies in London, England--or British literature, history, and politics at Oxford; or a seven-week course in St. Petersburg on the language and culture of Russia. Study Abroad even helped one student arrange an independent study project in Morocco.

Paris: students stroll through
Luxembourg Gardens on
the Left Bank

     Here the ambiance of Europe is captured by Chris Hildreth, director of University Photography at Duke, who put France and Italy on his itinerary after completing a project in Madagascar. Explore "Aspects of Contemporary French Culture" in Paris, "History of the City" in Rome, and "History of Renaissance Italy" in Florence and Tuscany. But for the viewer, none of this will be on the final.

the view from inside I.M. Pei's glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre

a reflection of the French version of "hanging out";
le Metro, the French underground;

Rome: the Colosseum, above, doubles as
a classroom

Rome: romping and posing among the ruins
of the Forum of Augustus

Light baths: the glorious and glowing Trevi Fountain at night
Florence: the grounds of the Villa Corsi-Salviati, the home of the Duke in Florence program, where students also have rooms and meals

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