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Probing the Soviet Psyche by Robert Bliwise
The sometimes supportive but ultimately fractious relationship between communism and psychoanalysis is examined in a new book by a Russian historian

Home is Where the Teaching is by Robert Odom
In an age of magnet schools and standardized curricula, more and more families are saying no to institutionalized learning in favor of educating their children at home.

The Genetic Revolution by Dennis Meredith
"This is a complex technology that will improve the quality of human life, but will also have some real problems, and we need to sort through these with precision, common sense and care"

Is There a Doctor in the Making ? by Brian Skotoko
Competition among pre-med students stems from student ability and drive--and from the fact that, of the 43000 applicants to medical school every year, only about 17,000 will be accepted.

Calling the Plays by Michael A. Goldstein
The president of CBS Sports played high stakes when he took possession of football; that game plan, and some new plays could assist CBS in reclaiming its spot as the premier sports network.

How to Tag Tuna by Monte Basgall
Concerned about the decline of bluefin tuna stock, a marine scientist--and "genius award" winner--is galvanizing North Carolina's sprots fishing community

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