E.O. Wilson brings his foundation to Duke

Science guy: Wilson created a foundation that brings opportunities to grad students. Photo by Jerry Bauer.

He’s twice won the nonfiction Pulitzer Prize and is the leading authority on the study of ants. Renowned scientist E.O. Wilson is teaching at Duke, and he brought his biodiversity foundation with him.

Under the agreement, the Harvard University professor emeritus will house his foundation at the Nicholas School of the Environment. In March, the school will open Duke Environment Hall, a new building with green design and energy-saving features. The foundation will provide new research opportunities for graduate students.

In February, Wilson taught a one-week course, “Biodiversity and the Meaning of Human Existence,” focusing on some of the topics addressed in his recently released work The Meaning of Human Existence, to sixteen graduate students. The lectures are available on iTunes U.

Enjoy the public lecture Wilson gave at Reynolds Theater in February on "The Diversity of Life."

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