Face Value: Sylvia Lim


Sylvia Lim

Managing Editor, The Advertising and Society Review Research Associate, Cultural Anthropology at Duke since 1993, Ph.D. '99

Describe yourself in three words:


Describe Duke in three words:

Space of growth

Why Duke?

It offers me opportunities

What one thing would you change about Duke?

I don't think of Duke as a monolithic entity so I can't answer that question

Who is your favorite person?

Betty Jones—she was the person to whom the American Dance Festival was dedicated last year and was an instructor there for many years

What do you value?

The cultivation of the dignity and potential of the human being

What she says about herself:

Ultimately, I would say that I am most interested in the world of aesthetics. I am fortunate in that, after finishing my doctorate at Duke, I have been able to work on a journal dedicated to researching the impact of advertising on society—thereby twinning anthropological and aesthetic inquiry. However, I also enjoy bringing my analytical skills to bear on other aesthetic domains—dancing and clothing design. Both of these creative realms require an analytical rigor. And yet, successful execution and design in either field hinges upon not only a fierce determination, but also an openness and receptivity to serendipitous discovery.

A joint project of University Photography and Duke Magazine, Face Value is an evolving gallery of portraits displayed in Perkins Library and represented in the magazine.
By capturing these individuals in images and words, the project celebrates some of the staff, faculty, and students whose contributions define a diverse community.

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