Face Value:Mike Hatch



Mike Hatch

Junior, premed, 2-Time NCAA all Region, all-ACC cross-country and track runner, volunteer with Health Careers Internship Program in Duke Hospital

Describe yourself in three words:

Inspired, thankful, driven

Describe Duke in three words:

Place of growth

Why Duke?

Duke offered the best combination of athletic and academic excellence. And the weather, that was actually a huge reason, because all of the other schools were in the North.

What one thing would you change about Duke?

I would dissolve some of the closed social circles embedded within the Duke community, make illegal the practice of issuing parking tickets, and relocate the campus to the beach or mountains.

Who is your favorite person?

My mom

What do you value?

Humility, family, the company of old friends, laughter, hooded sweatshirts, wilderness, fireplaces in the winter, warm rain, the "snooze" button, road trips, a great song on the radio in the middle of a bad day, generosity, watching a sunset and knowing who to thank, dreams, smiles from strangers (especially kids), hard work, dedication, those older and wiser than me.

Mike Hatch

Chris Hildreth.

In his words:

I don't know where the inspiration comes from. Ever since I was about six, I felt this drive to push myself to constantly improve. I remember in third grade when we ran the mile for the Presidential Fitness test thing. I wanted to win so badly. I have this inborn, innate sense of competitiveness, and that carries over into academics. Also, probably since high school, I've had a desire to help people. That's why I'm premed; if I can get through organic chemistry, I should be able to do that.

My mom is just the most caring and giving person I've ever known. When I was looking at where I wanted to go to college, she said she would sell the house if it meant I could go where I wanted. She's the strongest person I know. She's undergone a lot of trials and tribulations, and she has this ability to make them character-building events, instead of letting them get her down.

I think that one thing that has always set me apart and always helped me remain happy is that I always try to keep a perspective on life. I've tried to make general happiness one of the main focuses of my life. I realize that, in the end, you only live once. So maintain integrity and do what makes you happy.

A joint project of University Photography and Duke Magazine, Face Value is an evolving gallery of portraits displayed in Perkins Library and represented in the magazine.
By capturing these individuals in images and words, the project celebrates some of the staff, faculty, and students whose contributions define a diverse community. Portrait by Chris Hildreth

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