Fulbright Scholars

The count is in: Twenty-two Duke graduates and graduate students were awarded 2005 J. William Fulbright Scholarships to study abroad for a year and otherwise benefit from living in a foreign culture.

The Fulbright program, the U.S. government's premier scholarship program, was created by Congress in 1946 to foster understanding among nations through educational and cultural exchanges.

"Duke is honored and delighted to have so many Fulbright recipients for the 2005-06 academic year, especially since out of the close to 7,000 persons who apply, only around 1,100 grants are given to U.S. citizens to study overseas," says Darla Deardorff, Duke's Fulbright adviser.

This year's Duke recipients include a Ph.D. candidate who will travel to Hungary to study "The Recent Danube River Basin Floods: Hungary's Response," as well as recent graduates who will travel to Australia to study "Improving Music Perception in Cochlear Implants Using Novel Stimulation Techniques," to Estonia to study "National Identity and Post-Soviet Estonian Economic Development," and to Botswana to study "Reproduction and Identification of Male African Lions."

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