Gifts Up 12 Percent

Duke received $296,827,306 in charitable gifts during 2002-03, more than $32 million--or 12.2 percent--above last year's total. Some 84,648 donors, 44,327 of them alumni, gave to the university.

" We are grateful to Duke donors who continue to make our university a high philanthropic priority," says President Nannerl O. Keohane. "Their continuing encouragement and support has helped us make real progress in meeting Duke's most important needs. The university's future is made more promising by the ongoing generosity of so many who care so deeply about Duke."

Duke's future is largely defined by its strategic plan, "Building on Excellence," which seeks new funds for faculty support, strengthening science and engineering, promoting diversity in the student body and staff, and expanding the university's reach, both locally and globally, among other institutional priorities. Much of the year's giving was directed to those needs.

The nearly $297 million received in the twelve months between July 1, 2002, and June 30, 2003, is eclipsed only by philanthropic giving to Duke in 1999-2000, when more than $300 million was received.

The total represents dollars received during the year, and includes payments against commitments already counted in the Campaign for Duke. The campaign, which began in 1996 and ends December 31, stood at approximately $2.1 billion on June 30.

The Duke Endowment of Charlotte, the charitable trust created by university founder James B. Duke, was the largest single donor in fiscal year 2003, with gifts totaling approximately $42.4 million for a variety of purposes, including scholarships, academic, and community-outreach programs.

Duke's Annual Fund set a new record in 2003 with about $19.5 million of the overall total, more than $1 million higher than last year.

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