Homecoming: January-February 2005

Homecoming Celebrations

Oktoberfest on campus happily collided with Homecoming Weekend this fall. The Duke Alumni Association kicked off a round of various group gatherings Friday night with its annual Young Alumni Party. On Saturday, DAA gave a luncheon before the Blue Devils defeated The Citadel's Bulldogs on the gridiron.


Celebrations included the biennial reunion of DUBAC (Duke University Black Alumni Connection), a gathering of Chronicle alumni for the student newspaper's 100th anniversary, and the first Latino alumni and Mi Gente reunion, which launched a new organization, DULAA (Duke University Latino Alumni Association).

The Homecoming spirit was enhanced this year with a West Campus bench- building and decorating competition and an East Campus banner-decoration contest for residence halls. The winning bench, right, was by Brownstone Selective House, and the banner prize went to Jarvis Dorm, bottom.


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