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As the school year began, the university launched eDuke, a free electronic mail service that will supply students, faculty, parents, alumni, and others with links to online information about campus news and events.

The new service will e-mail updates on university news, activities, and research to subscribers. eDuke will provide three different options: eDuke Daily, a once-a-day list of the latest articles provided by communications staffs across Duke's campuses; eDuke Media Clips, a daily compilation of the latest Duke-related stories published or broadcast in the media; and eDuke Monthly, a once-a-month wrap-up of articles that subscribers can customize with news from selected categories, such as athletics, law, or science. All three newsletters feature extensive links to online news articles, sites of interest, and other material.

Duke officials decided to start eDuke because of the growing popularity and influence of Web-based information, says David Jarmul, associate vice president of news and communications. "The Internet has become the primary means of communications for much of the Duke community," he says. "It is especially important for reaching parents, alumni, and others who are not here in Durham, since they don't read Dialogue, the Chronicle, or other publications produced here on campus. The new eDuke newsletters will help fill this gap and make it easier for people to feel connected."

Jarmul describes the quick-to-read eDuke newsletters as "the latest example of how communications people across the Duke community have begun working together and using new technology more actively to solve common problems."

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