Introducing our new logo

The logo for Duke’s Fuqua School of Business has been around for thity-five years, nearly as long as the school itself. Painstakingly hand-drawn by an art director at Benton & Bowles, courtesy of Roy J. Bostock ’62, then a member of Fuqua’s board of visitors, the mark had become challenging to use, as it did not render well in digital channels.

Informed by market research on the school’s brand, Fuqua adjusted the logo to appeal to prospective students in the channels candidates are using today. The creative challenge was to adjust the mark so that it retained the legacy elements our community would recognize, while becoming more up-to-date.

Working with a New York advertising agency, the Fuqua team developed several iterations of a new design. The chosen direction, below, retains the traditional blue square, while increasing the readability of the two most essential words, Duke and Fuqua. The new font is distinct but can also now be replicated easily in digital formats. Fuqua will unveil the new logo along with a rebranded website in 2017.

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